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Appreciate TV with the Stream Beta channel on Roku gadgets. Clients with TV, Instant TV, or on Campus will feel right comfortable!

NEW to the Stream Beta application!

* Home Page: Easily discover you’re as of late watched shows, stations, motion pictures, and included substance on the new landing screen.

* Transactions: Rent or purchase your preferred motion pictures and TV shows whenever, anyplace. Set your buy PIN for full control of buys. You can get to your buys from any spilling gadget, or on your X1 or Flex gadgets.

* Bolt-Ons: Now, you can to buy into Premium Channels, Sports Packs, International Channels. Click on the buy-in button, and that is it!

Clients who depend on openness support approach valuable highlights, including voice portrayal, voice controls, and shut inscriptions. They can likewise alter their CC alternatives for improved clarity.

To utilize the Stream Beta channel, you will require a Comcast account, a functioning TV, Instant TV, or on Campus membership, one essential set-top box, and Internet administration. You will likewise require an internet browser or versatile internet browser to login, just as your Comcast username and secret phrase. on the Roku 

  • Fitting the USB augmentation link into the USB AC connector if your presentation doesn’t as of now have a promptly accessible USB port.
  • Attachment of the USB to Mini-USB link into the connector (through the expansion If you utilized it).
  • Attachment the Mini-USB end into the Roku stick.
  • Attach the Roku stick to your presentation.
  • Attach the AC connector into an outlet or USB port.
  • Put the batteries (remembered) in the controller. On-Screen Setup

  • Select your language.
  • After it’s finished filtering for WiFi systems, select “SCU-Student” and enter the secret word “gosantaclara.”
  • It is currently associated with the understudy WiFi arrange, and if this is your first time utilizing it the Roku, it will refresh and restart.
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines through the showcase and remote arrangement.
  • Sign-in on the site or make a Roku record of connecting with your Roku stick.

Setting Up On-Campus 

  • Explore to the “Search” tab on the left and quest for “ Stream Beta,” at that point, include the channel.
  • Open the application and select “Begin.”
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to the site ( on a PC or telephone and enter the given code.
  • At the sign-in screen, click “ On-Campus Students Sign In Here.”
  • Quest for “Santa Clause Clara University” on the following screen and choose it.
  • This will divert you to the SCU Single Sign-on Portal, where you will sign in as you regularly would.
  • After you sign-in, your Roku will naturally connect the application with you On-Campus account.

If You Have a Different Gateway or Third-Party Modem/Router 

To actuate an Gateway or outsider modem/switch that is endorsed for administration: These methods apply to both hardware and recommended outsider gear. We prescribe that you additionally counsel your maker’s establishment control for directions.

Spot Your Gateway or Modem 

Spot your Gateway or modem in an open territory away from outside dividers, metal surfaces, microwaves, and windows (don’t put it on the floor). Stay away from squeezed spaces and anything that can obstruct the gadget signal.

Interface Your Gateway 
  • Fitting the power line into the rear of your Gateway and afterward into an electrical outlet.
  • Screw one finish of the coaxial link into the Cable In/RF In port on your Gateway or modem and the opposite end into the link divider outlet. Ensure this association is finger tight.
  • If you buy into Voice administration, associate your phone to the Tel 1 association on your Gateway or modem utilizing a phone string.

Trust that Your Gateway or Modem will be Ready. 

Your Gateway or modem may take as long as 10 minutes to be prepared to initiate. Ensure the lights show up as portrayed underneath before proceeding onward to the subsequent stage. Try not to unplug your Gateway or modem during this procedure.

  • Gateway with numerous lights on the front, the Power, US/DS, and Online lights ought to stay healthy for in any event one moment and the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz lights should begin flickering.
  • An Gateway with just one light on the top, it ought to stay sturdy white for in any event a moment.
  • If you host a third-get-together model, see the maker directions to see when your modem is fit to be actuated.
  • Build up a Temporary Internet Connection
  • Next, you have to build up an Internet network either through WiFi or an Ethernet link.
  • Interface through WiFi (if your Gateway/modem underpins a remote association)
  • Search for the Network Name (SSID) and Password imprinted as an afterthought, back or base of your Gateway or modem. The name may look like Home-XXXX or XFSETUP-XXXX.

Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-empowered gadget and select the Network Name from the rundown of accessible systems. Enter the secret key when incited. In case you’re encouraged to enter a PIN rather than a secret phrase, click the Connect Using a Security Key connect to enter the secret word in the Security Key field.

Interface through an Ethernet link 

You fit the Ethernet link into one of the open ports on your Gateway or modem until it clicks. Attach the opposite end into the Ethernet port of your PC. The Ethernet port will illuminate when effectively associated.

Enact Your Gateway or Modem 

When you’ve built up an impermanent Internet association and if you don’t consequently observe an invite message to start arrangement, open an internet browser and go to Continue to the online step to activate your Xfinity account activation or authorization.

Note: When you’ve completed initiation, your Gateway or modem may reboot, and it might take as long as 10 minutes before you can interface with your home system.

Interface with Your Home Network 

After initiation, interface your gadgets to your WiFi name and secret key for your home system, if your Gateway or modem underpins a remote association. If you supplanted your Gateway and kept similar settings during actuation, your recently associated gadgets ought to naturally reconnect.

  • Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-empowered gadgets. When you see your WiFi name show up in a rundown of accessible systems, you can interface your devices to your home system.
  • Select your home system WiFi name and associate it with the secret word. If you changed this during actuation, make sure to utilize the upgraded one that you set up.

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